THE CONJURING 2’s Scary Nun Getting Her Own Movie

If you went to see James Wan‘s The Conjuring 2 over the weekend, you probably noticed (and were terrified by and had nightmares about) that film’s standout ghost-demon, the nefarious and wicked nun who plagues the dreams and visions of Lorraine Warren ( Vera Farmiga). She’s arguably the scariest part of an already scary movie–the Crooked Man is a close second, tied with Old Man London Ghost–and she’ll soon be following in the steps of fellow secondary Conjuring villain, Annabelle, by getting her own movie. The Hollywood Reporter is reporting the news that the appropriately titled The Nun will be headed to movie theaters in the near future. Annabelle did significant enough business, despite the poor reviews, that it’s getting a sequel in 2017, so a movie about the Nun is sure to do decently, and writer David Leslie Johnson (who wrote Conjuring 2 and will write Wan’s Aquaman movie) has been hired to write the script.While the success of the Nun is little surprise to people who’ve seen the movie, it’s interesting to note that the character–who begins the movie and features throughout–was a last-minute addition in reshoots taking place in March. The original villain of Conjuring 2 was a horned demon, but it must not have tested very well. Demons are scary and all, but a sinister nun with monster fangs certainly upped that particular ante.Warner Bros. and New Line are certainly doubling down on their idea for a “Warren Files” universe and will likely–given the $100 million first weekend success of The Conjuring 2–lead to a string of sequels diving into the case files of Lorraine Warren and her husband Ed (played in the films by Patrick Wilson). We like good ghost and demon movies, so the more the merrier! Just make it better than Annabelle.Let us know your thoughts on The Nun in the comments below!

We spoke to The Conjuring 2 cast about bringing studio horror back.

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