THE CONJURING 2’s Crooked Man is Getting a Spinoff

The Conjuring franchise is one of the best examples of  modern cinematic horror. With powerful sequels and killer spin-off films like Annabelle and the upcoming films Anabelle: Creation and The Nun, the conjuring is set to scare audiences for years to come.

But one of the coolest things about the franchise is the way they are able to expand the story of some of the terrifying creatures that aren’t the film’s big bad. The possessed and utterly creepy-looking doll, Annabelle, was a secondary monster that was only featured for a small but terrifying vignette at the start of The Conjuring, but she has already terrified audiences in her first standalone film, and has got a second movie hitting theaters in August. And as  EW confirms, it looks like another secondary monster–this time from The Conjuring 2–is getting a standalone film: the ever-creepy but always poetic Crooked Man.For those who saw The Conjuring 2, you’ll know that much like Annabelle, he didn’t get loads of screen time. Still, he was one of the most memorable, frightening creatures onscreen, and has made a seemingly innocuous English nursery rhyme about a crooked man who walked a crooked mile utterly horrifying–after all, we know the scariest monsters are the ones who only speak in rhyme.


New Line Cinema has recruited Mike Van Waes to pen the script based on a short story written by The Conjuring 2‘s director,  James Wan. And while it seems the project has officially been set in motion, it’s not quite clear when the Crooked Man’s standalone film will be released. However, with Annabelle: Creation hitting theaters this August and The Nun releasing in July of 2018, we might have a bit of a wait on our hands. Still, if the other films in the Conjuring franchise are any indication, the Crooked Man movie will be well worth the wait.

Are you glad the Crooked Man is getting his own movie? What other characters from the Conjuring franchise or Ed and Lorraine Warren’s case files would you like to see on the big screen? Tell us in the comments!

Feature Image: Warner Bros. 

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