SABRINA’s Back in Black With a Season 2 Trailer and Return Date

We’re only two weeks away from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina‘s Christmas special (or Solstice, if you prefer), and now we have even more to look forward to. Saturday morning, Netflix announced the spring release date for season two: April 5, 2019. Along with that comes a new teaser trailer, which sees Kiernan Shipka’s hexing heroine try on a darker shade of clothing, perhaps to match the world in which she finds herself.

Wolves! Bats! Dudes getting hot and heavy! The Runaways on the soundtrack! Sometimes, life just never stops coming at you. And is that Dorian’s Gray Room we see? Look out for Mary Wardwell’s boyfriend Adam, played by Buffy and Angel‘s Alexis Denisof, who may not immediately notice that his lady love is a little different than he remembers… But it’s Sabrina’s spinning quick-change of outfits we envy the most. Wonder Woman could do that with one costume (and there was usually an explosion involved), but if we could wield magic, changing outfits without having to put anything back on a hanger, into the laundry pile, or in a drawer would be right up there on the to-do list.As would making new seasons of our favorite shows start sooner, but Sabrina seems on top of that already. April really isn’t that far away, especially if you’re used to Doctor Who-length gaps between runs. What else do you want, hellspawn?

Image: Netflix

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