THE BOYS Spinoff GEN V Spills Buckets of Blood in First-Look Trailer

What’s (potentially) worse than a group of terrible adult supes who are wreaking havoc? A group of college aged supes who are doing the same thing. We all know that time of our lives is not when we make the best decisions, generally speaking. Fans of The Boys will get a taste of what university life is like for a group of supes with Gen V, a spinoff series coming our way in 2023. The first look at Gen V finally came to us in the form of a high-octane trailer that’s full of blood, twists, and a couple of familiar faces. 

In the Gen V trailer, we find ourselves at Godolkin University, a safe space for students to thrive. Yeah right. Nothing is safe in this wild universe. Things immediately go awry for Jaz Sinclair’s Marie, who runs into lots of blood, dead bodies, and the word “murderer” scrawled in red across a dormitory door. Apparently, there is a series of Hunger Games-style challenges for this young supes, and, well, things go how you’d expect. Vought International runs this school, so nothing good can come from being here. The question is, who is a “good” supe and who is there on some Homelander-type stuff? That remains to be seen, and we can’t quite tell from this first look offered by the Gen V trailer. 

Gen V’s timeline runs concurrent with season four of The Boys TV show and is (loosely?) based on the “We Gotta Go Now” arc of The Boys comic. So it is a mixed bag in terms of how things will play out in the series. One thing we do know for sure is there will be a few familiar faces in the mix. First, there’s the appearance of A-Train, who is wearing a white “The Seven” hat and looking like he’s doing pretty well considering the events of The Boys season three. Vought Studios legend (haha) Adam Bourke will also get into the mix in some way.

gen v trailer showing split image of two women covered in blood the boys spinoff
Prime Video

And we also see Ashely for a split second in the Gen V trailer. She seems to have come around to being a slightly better human being; however, she still works for Vought, so we don’t trust her. But it is really about getting to know these new faces, their wild powers, and how their time at the School of Crimefighting will change the world. We can’t wait until class is in session.

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