THE BOYS Season 3 Teaser Comes with Glowing Eyes and So Much Blood

The Boys season two left us with a lot to think about. The Deep is no longer in the Seven, Stormfront’s very long Nazi and racist past is out in the world, Hughie is unknowingly working for an assassin, and Homelander is, well, angry for many reasons. Of course those are just a handful of things among the many wild things always going on in this universe. The Boys Presents: Diabolical is currently keeping fans into this universe (with its own little canon tie-in, no less) but now there’s something to chew on from the series we love. The Boys season three teaser brings back the Supes and peeks at an upcoming comic storyline.

The clip comes with a lot of glowing eyes, blood, and body fluids. About what you’d expect. And as we saw in The Boys season three teaser, Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles) is joining the action. No, not the one who made us do the “crank that” dance. Different person and spelling. This character is from The Boys comics with a few mentions in the show so far. He knew Stormfront during her Liberty days and is quite the dangerous killing machine himself. In fact, showrunner Eric Kripke describes him as the OG Homelander, which doesn’t bode well for anyone who crosses his path. 

This season will dive into the comic’s completely wild Herogasm storyline, which centers around an annual superhero orgy. Comic readers are not surprised and, honestly, people who watch the show shouldn’t be either. There will certainly be changes made because some comic events, specifically the one about the Seven’s role in 9/11, relate to this kinky event.

Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy in The Boys season three trailer
Prime Video

And this isn’t necessarily HBO so there will be some parameters…we think. It will likely take out some of the more disturbing elements and perhaps use the event to set up some new discovery or revelation. We will have to wait and see. Until then, The Boys season three teaser has us pretty hyped (and a little scared) about what’s coming next. Season three of The Boys hits Prime Video on June 3.

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