THE BOYS Teases First Look at Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Mysterious Character

The Boys season four is one step closer to raining blood and debauchery on our screens again. The popular Prime Video series is done filming, and we are getting some great photos from the wrap. That includes a clear first look at Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character and his The Boys costume. We see him alongside Karl Urban’s Billy Butcher, who looks mighty lively for a man who is supposedly dying.

For now, we still don’t know if Jeffrey Dean Morgan will be a supe, a friend, or a foe on The Boys season four. The former seems a bit less likely considering he’s rocking a suit and tie instead of spandex, but we can’t quite rule anything out yet. It’s possible we haven’t seen Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s full The Boys costume just yet, his character may just be hiding it beneath layers of fabric. He could also be Tek Knight (a.k.a. Robert Vernon), a supe with a very high-tech suit whom we haven’t met yet on The Boys. Maybe the blue tie is a small hint?!

Of course, The Boys always makes parallels to other universe heroes. So think of Tek Knight as this world’s Batman or Iron Man. There have been Tek Knight mentions throughout The Boys‘ first three seasons, so perhaps Jeffrey Dean Morgan will portray the character in season four. He doesn’t have a big comic presence outside of being a founding member of the Payback collective. And he was actually fairly decent in comparison to his counterparts. (We are using the word “decent” very loosely here.) Maybe the show will bring Tek Knight into the fold in a different manner. He could totally be some rich jerk with too much money, too many expensive toys… and zero good intentions. A supe that Butcher doesn’t know is a supe. Sound vaguely familiar?

A villainous Tek Knight on The Boys would fit Jeffrey Dean Morgan perfectly, considering his turn as Negan in The Walking Dead.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan on The Walking Dead stands in a dark room wearing a black leather jacket

Or perhaps he is some other The Boys character altogether, maybe someone on the investigative front into Vought’s latest scandal. Whoever he is, it’s nice to get a better first look at Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character in The Boys. Season four cannot come fast enough.

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