THE BOYS Gets a Season 5 Renewal

Give me a big “Oi!” The Boys is officially coming back for season five. The show made the glorious announcement via its social media pages a little over a month before the premiere date of its fourth season. The Boys is undoubtedly one of Prime Video’s most popular shows (for a great reason) so it is not a shocking announcement at all. In true Boys fashion, the announcement clip includes Kimiko using a knife to carve the words “season 5” into wood. 

Showrunner Eric Kripke previously said that five seasons is a good stopping point for The Boys. So this could possibly be the final round for this bloody supe series. Of course, this won’t be the end of the universe. There’s still a lot of story possibilities for Gen V as well as other opportunities to do all sorts of spinoffs. Imagine a Homelander prequel or perhaps Kimiko and Frenchie setting off for their own adventures. Either way, another season means this franchise will likely get a chance to complete its story. In today’s streaming world, that’s a blessing for the fandom. 

the boys homelander grinning
Prime Video

Here’s what Kripke had to say about The Boys coming back for a fifth season:

The Boys is an unabashed and bold series that continues captivating our customers all over the world by piercing the cultural fabric season after season,” said Vernon Sanders, head of television, Amazon MGM Studios. “We are proud of this series that has grown into a global franchise, and we are thrilled that Eric Kripke and the creative team have more engaging stories to tell for all the loyal fans.”

In the meantime, we are ready for The Boys season four to drop on June 13.

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