THE BOYS PRESENTS: DIABOLICAL Announces Star-Studded Voice Cast

Not too long ago, we found out that the wonderfully corrupt world of The Boys will get bigger. An animated series, The Boys Presents: Diabolical, is coming to Prime Video with eight bite-sized episodes of chaotic and wildly inappropriate fun. It will not center on the superpowered characters we love (or, in Homelander’s case, hate passionately) but instead introduce some new people who are in this same universe. The streaming service is already back with an update, revealing that the show will make its debut on March 4. If that isn’t enough for fans, The Boys Presents: Diabolical has released a first look teaser trailer to show what will go down in this series. We’ve also received an update on the talents that will lend their voices to The Boys Presents: Diabolical. And this star-studded cast sounds diabolically good. 

a baby crawls away from bloody bodies chasing a balloon in the boys diabolical trailer
Prime Video

In the clip, we meet Laser baby. She’s obviously crawling from whatever lab or captivity she’s from and now the law is after her. A cute baby in a pink onesie with a feather landing on her nose is adorable. What’s not that warm and fuzzy? When she sneezes and zaps off the heads of grown men as well as killing a few red balloons.

Their blood spills out on the street and flows to her like lava while she giggles in delight. And then, the sole survivor red balloon captures her attention. Like any baby, she’s driven to follow it and probably kill more people along the way. And that wraps up The Boys Presents: Diabolical trailer. She’s a Seven member in training and she doesn’t even know it.

Our next teaser reveals our Diabolical voice cast for us in a clever way. An ad for Vought A Burger. Here we get introduced to this family-friendly restaurant and get glimpses of heroes we’ve seen before like Black Noir and the returning Laser Baby. As well as new heroes like a woman with a cat body named Cherry and… Picante Balls? Delightful. We also glimpse some of the different animation styles we may see in the show. Overall, the teaser carries the same tone as the series, reminding us not everything is what it purports to be.

But most importantly, The Boys Presents: Diabolical reveals some of the voice talents we will hear in its episodes. Specifically, we now know that the following stars have come on board:  Jason Isaacs, Aisha Tyler, Don Cheadle, Kumail Nanjiani, Awkwafina, Keiren Culkin, Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, Christian Slater, Justin Roiland, Andy Samberg, Kenan Thompson, Chace Crawford, Ilana and Eliot Glazer, Giancarlo Esposito, Kevin Smith, Ben Schwartz, Elisabeth Shue, Antony Starr, Simon Pegg, Michael Cera, Youn Yuh-Jung, and Nasim Pedrad.

Three different versions of Homelander from The Boys Presents Diabolical teaser trailer
Prime Video

Phew, that list feels long. But also exciting. We can’t wait to see and here more from this show. With a voice cast like that, we know it will sound amazing.

Not to mention, there is a ton of Boys content to look forward to this year. Diabolical will give us content in the spring with its 12-14 minute episodes featuring a variety of animation styles and voices like Seth Rogan and Aisha Tyler. Then, The Boys is coming back for season three on June 3 for another round of drama. Let the kills, disturbing moments, and laughs roll. We’ll pop the popcorn.

Originally published January 18, 2022. 

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