THE BATMAN Is Getting a Sequel

The Batman was an unquestionable hit. The film from director Matt Reeves performed well at the box office, making over $750 million globally and scored with critics. So to no one’s surprise, Warner Bros. has confirmed its sequel, The Batman 2. The company announced the sequel to The Batman during its presentation at CinemaCon in Las Vegas on Tuesday night. We spotted the news on Twitter, from Erik Davis. Warner Bros. confirmed Reeves will return to direct, and obviously, Pattinson will reprise his role as the Caped Crusader.

Other than that scant information, we don’t know anything yet. Obviously. The first installment has only recently become available digitally and Warner Bros. still has quite a few DC Comics films on its slate. It may be a couple of years before we see more of Pattinson’s Batman. That said, we look forward to the sequel’s direction. The Batman showed a Bruce Wayne in his early years, still learning the ropes and making mistakes. We went on the journey with him as he investigated the Riddler’s murders.

Batman and Catwoman against a sunset in a still from The Batman
Warner Bros.

Batman has no shortage of rogues the sequel could focus on. We have the obvious choice with the Joker. The infamous character appeared briefly at the end of The Batman. Then we saw more of Barry Keoghan as the character in a chilling deleted scene. Besides the Joker, Reeves and Pattinson mentioned they’d like to see the Court of Owls appear. Reeves also thinks he could find the right approach to put Mr. Freeze back into a live-action setting. And the director has certainly earned our trust with The Batman.

The Batman 2 could pick up on any number of threads from characters the first film establishes, too. Catwoman’s gone to Blüdhaven; that could mean potential Dick Grayson ties. Penguin and Riddler have journeys ahead, as does Jim Gordan. Whatever the story for The Batman sequel, we look forward to exploring more of Matt Reeves’ vision for Gotham City and for the superhero.

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