AMC Theatres Will Charge More for THE BATMAN Tickets

AMC Theatres is changing its model for marquee movie events. And Matt Reeves’ The Batman is its first test subject. According to Deadline, the movie theater chain will charge a dollar more for the blockbuster movie. That kicks off when screenings begin on March 3. AMC Entertainment CEO Adam Aron made the announcement during a webcast on Tuesday after an earnings call. It’s certainly a shift in ticket sale strategy in the US. The company does, however, already vary prices between weekday and weekend screenings.

Robert Pattinson's Bruce Wayne from Batman 2022. Batman's emo bangs are on full display. For the Batman Playlist article.
Jonathan Olley/DC Comics

Interestingly, Aron didn’t share any details about what the variable pricing entails. For instance: How long does this price difference last? Scouring the AMC website, it appears the price increase runs for a single week. This means by Friday, March 11, tickets are down to $17.99 (at least at the theater we checked).

A dollar isn’t too much of a difference for new releases. Still, the comparison further demonstrates the wildly high movie theater ticket prices as a whole in large cities. But for those willing to shell out the extra buck to The Batman opening week, AMC Theatres has one more trick up their sleeve. The company will also sell six-inch Batman-head popcorn holders. An RBatz popcorn holder? You got me there, AMC.

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