THE BABADOOK Is Getting a New Pride-Themed Blu-Ray Release

Back in 2017, the Babadook—the fictional monster from Jennifer Kent’s 2014 horror sensation of the same name—inadvertently became a symbol of gay pride thanks to a weird glitch in the Netflix algorithm, which categorized the film as “LGBT.” The internet had a field day with this information, Photoshopping the top-hatted creature into a number of pride-themed memes and fully accepting him as a queer icon. After all, his orientation is never specified in the movie. Maybe the misunderstood, shadowy figure really did struggle with his identity. It gives the film a whole new read when you think of it that way.

For fans totally aboard the S.S. Gay Babadook, you’re in luck! The good folks at Shout Factory and IFC Midnight are coming together to release a rainbow-themed Blu-ray rerelease of the film to celebrate Pride Month.

According to the Shout Factory website, they’ve decided to “fling the closet door open” and cement the Babadook’s status as a symbol of gay pride:

We’ve created a special release with participation from our fine partners at IFC Midnight: an official limited edition and numbered Pride Month-themed slipcover packaging that will be shrink-wrapped over our existing Blu-ray release. The slipcover has a gloss finish with embossed highlights.

Only 2,500 copies are being made, and all sales during the month of June will go to the Los Angeles LGBT Center, and organization that “provides valuable and much-needed services to many, not just in L.A. but across the country.” You can make a direct donation to the center here.

We never could have guessed such a career trajectory for the horror figure, but we’re thrilled to see his status as a queer icon continue to grow year after year. This will be his biggest Pride yet, and we couldn’t be happier.

Images: Entertainment One/Shout Factory

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