The Audience Has a Role to Play in LARP Livestream BLANK SLATE

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The four players of Blank Slate, a new live-action role-playing game on the Twitch channel ScabbyRooster, find themselves in a room with no memory of who they are or how they got there. All they know is that there’s a dead body on the floor with them—and things are only going to get worse from here.

Created by Life. Action. RolePlay! Podcast‘s Ryan Omega and featuring familiar faces in the TTRPG community like Nox Berf ( G&S Painters Guild), B. Dave Walters ( L.A. By Night), Wes Johnson, Ruben Bresler, Kai Norman (Inkwell Society and Life. Action. RolePlay!), and Courtney Kraft, the four episode series’ experimental premise is immediately intriguing.

Ryan is the group’s storyteller, guiding the four players and the cast of non-player characters through a delightfully decorated set as the mystery unfolds around them. At first, the players’ character names simply reflect their state of mind–like Paranoia and Unhinged–but they will eventually be named by the show’s audience. Through donations and opportunities in the chat, viewers can pick the player names, introduce a prop, grant the player a memory, and more.

The unique four-episode series is live every Tuesday night on ScabbyRooster’s  Twitch.

Featured Image: ScabbyRooster

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