The 8 Steps You Need For the Perfect Krampus Party!

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The horned figure of Krampus has become increasingly popular of late, no doubt due to the general public’s boredom with the sugary sweet Santa Claus imagery they’ve seen over and over again every holiday season. According to legend, on Krampusnaucht, which takes place on the night preceding St. Nicholas’ gift giving spree, Krampus dispenses justice to those who are naughty, by distributing coal and switches to those who didn’t make the nice list.

For those in Los Angeles, Krampus fans get to celebrate Krampusnaucht in style with an annual costumed event hosted by the League of Steam. This year’s event, which took place on December 4th at the Red Lion Inn, definitely taught us a thing or two on how to host your own Krampusnaucht. Take note of these awesome details you need to remember.

Step 1: Get the League of Steam to host and plan everything expertly.

Step 2: Tell your guests to dress to the nines in everything from steam punk, to holiday elves, to the ghosts of Christmas, to Krampus himself, and hand out prizes to the best dressed.

Step 3: Take donations for Toys for Tots and PATH, in exchange for raffle tickets to win awesome swag.

Step 4: Throw a Secret Santa gift exchange, led by ‘ol Saint Nick himself.

Step 5: Host it at the most German of bars in Los Angeles, the Red Lion Tavern, where the beer floweth by the stein, making for a rollicking night of Krampus debauchery.

Step 6: Make sure one or two Krampuses are running around throughout the night, slapping people with sticks.

Step 7: Have awesome photo ops on hand for guests to enjoy the Krampusnaucht spirit in.

Step 8:  Party hard and get Krampus’ed up, y’all.

Peep our photos of the night of revelry below!

Tell us about your Krampus Party in the comment section below! Did you survive the night? Do you have tips for other people?

All Photo Credits: Michelle Nguyen

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