The 8 Best Indie Horror Movies Streaming Right Now

Everyone loves a good horror movie. But in the age of the horror franchise, it’s often hard to find new and wonderful indie flicks in between all of the huge Blumhouse blockbusters.

We’ve scoured the streaming sites and found you some of the best hidden horror movies—from possession stories to cannibal comings-of-age to sexually transmitted hauntings to somber zombie flicks, we’ve got you covered. So grab a cozy blanket, get ready to hide behind the sofa, and enjoy our picks for the best indie horror movies streaming right now!

Veronica (2017)

Image: Netflix

Possession is one of the most overdone horror tropes, but Paco Plaza has broken the mold with this Spanish chiller that fans are calling “the scariest movie of all time.” Set in 1991 Madrid, the film follows a group of young girls who attempt to contact Veronica’s dead boyfriend via Ouija board but end up contacting the nefarious spirit of her father. Things soon get very spooky as the girls find themselves haunted; one particular scene in a hallway is causing Netflix viewers to turn the movie off out of fear!

Where to watch: Netflix

It Follows (2014)

IT FOLLOWS will get under your skin...
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A total word-of-mouth horror hit upon its release, It Follows is really a slasher movie like no other. An atmospheric, otherworldly feel permeates this chilling tale of a young woman who’s haunted by a mysterious entity passed on through sex. As she tries to survive she discovers she can save herself by having sex with someone else, and her group of friends starts shrinking as the entity gets closer. A truly unique and spooky movie, It Follows will get under your skin.

Where to watch: Netflix

Raw (2016)

Image: Netflix

This radical French coming of age flick written and directed by Julia Ducournau is an unsettling masterpiece like no other. Alexia and Justine are two sisters who, during a hazing ritual at veterinary school, discover a lust for flesh that quickly becomes an obsession. This critically acclaimed contemporary cult classic was controversial when it first screened at Cannes Film Festival for its brutal and visceral gore, as well as its raw performances from the female leads.

Where to watch: Netflix

Last Shift (2014)

Last Shift is an underrated modern horror flick with a badass female lead and a terrifying tone that elevates the haunted house archetype. Juliana Harkavy stars as a young rookie cop named Loren who’s tasked with looking after an old police station on its last night before closure. As Loren gets deeper into what she thinks will be an uneventful shift, she begins to see strange things in the station, slowly discovering that the station was the site of a group suicide by a mysterious cult whose spirits are still trapped in the old building.

Where to watch: Netflix

Antiviral (2012)

We love Caleb Landry Jones. This is one of his earlier horror appearances, and it’s just as creepy and cerebral as you would expect. The debut film of Brandon Cronenberg (the son of David) is a weird-as-hell body horror set in a near future dystopia where corporations buy diseases and viruses from celebrities to sell them to their fans. This twisty thriller is a complex sci-fi housed in a horror movie, and it’s one you won’t be able to forget.

Where to watch: Hulu

The Girl with All the Gifts (2016)

Mike Carey is one of the biggest names in comics, but he also writes novels, including the miraculous The Girl with All the Gifts. The book is incredible, but this film is even better with the adaptation adding new layers to the complex and wonderful story. We join Melanie, a young girl who finds herself chained to a chair and treated like a monster. See, Melanie is actually a zombie… but she’s also the key to the survival of Earth!

Where to watch: Amazon

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

The OG low budget indie horror movie that could, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is one of the best horror movies ever made and still holds up after over 40 years. Tobe Hooper’s exploitation masterpiece is often overlooked due to its splatter roots, but in reality The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a terrifying, tense, and thrilling horror film with one of the most hopeful yet horrifying endings of all time.

Where to watch: Amazon

The Witch (2015)

Probably one of the most popular horror movies of the last few years, Robert Eggers’ period chiller is a must-watch for fans of atmospheric, slow burn spookfests. Anya Taylor-Joy leads a cast of incredible actors as they portray a family of colonizers recently relocated to New England. Though The Witch is really different from your average shocker, it’s still a wild ride. Do you want to live deliciously? Then watch The Witch.

Where to watch: Amazon

Did we miss your favorite indie invention? Can’t wait to check out some of our suggestions? Just loving all the horror streaming options? Let us know in the comments!

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