That Time Alan Rickman Inhaled Helium and Said ‘Harry Potter’

Things that happen on late night television shows aren’t a secret–especially with YouTube. Bits live on forever and ever. Alan Rickman got wind of the time Jimmy Fallon and Benedict Cumberbatch had a Rickman-off on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and by “got wind of,” I mean he was probably told about the event when he booked The Tonight Show. Fallon and Cumberbatch did their best Alan Rickman impression and then took turns reciting hip hop lyrics. Like you do. Watch:

Rickman gave Fallon a hard time about the incident when he appeared on the show Tuesday and to exact revenge, he came armed with a set of helium balloons and made Fallon inhale and then talk. So, basically, the late night show version of revenge is the best kind of revenge. They toss a few questions back and forth, but the highlight of the helium inhaling (I can’t believe I just typed that phrase) comes when Fallon gets Rickman to say “ Harry Potter” in the high-pitched voice. It’s so damn amusing—seriously, I’m cracking up–that it makes me hope someone will go through and edit portions of the Harry Potter films to swap in the helium voice anytime Professor Snape speaks. I want to hear him scold all the Gryffindors with a squeaky voice, please. My knowledge of spells is rusty, but I feel like a spell that makes the recipient sound like he or she has inhaled helium is a thing that exists. Am I wrong?If you could hear Professor Snape say anything with a high-pitched voice, what would it be? Let me know in the comments.HT: The Hollywood Reporter

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