PS4’s Visually Stunning TETRIS EFFECT Has VR And A Time-Warping Mode

Tetris has been a video game staple since 1984, and since then, it’s been re-released countless times at this point. Some of these updates have been mainly aesthetic re-workings, while others have experimented with adding new game modes and ways of playing. It’s managed to stick around all this time because its gameplay is simple and timeless, as fun, challenging, and engaging now as it was 34 years ago. The classic title is set to get another new version, and it seems like it found novel ways to present the classic title, both in terms of visuals and gameplay.

Tetris Effect is the game in question, and there are three things about it that immediately stick out. First, it looks amazing: The trailer (which Sony insists in a blog post uses only game assets) shows off a game that looks like a vibrant combination of Tetris and a library of iTunes visualizers. Secondly, the game will have VR support, meaning that you’ll be able to surround yourself in these colorful environments. Finally, there’s a new gameplay feature that sounds promising: The “Zone” mechanic will allow players to stop time so they can get themselves out of a sticky situation, or perhaps take advantage of the still Tetriminos to build up some huge combos (clearing 12 lines at once is apparently possible). Tetris has been re-released to death at this point, but it looks like Tetris Effect brings enough to the table that buying Tetris for the umpteenth time might not be a bad idea. More details about the game (as well as its release date) will be revealed at E3 Thursday, so time will tell.

What do you think of Tetris Effect? Is it just a simple facelift, or are the new features worthwhile? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Featured image: Sony

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