TENET Trailer Will Premiere on Fortnite… Because 2020

Christopher Nolan has long been a champion for cinema. Whether he’s shooting on 70mm cameras or championing the importance of watching a movie in theaters he just loves the purity of the cinematic experience. Which is why we were mightily surprised and rather amused when it was announced the trailer for his highly anticipated new movie Tenet would debut on the popular battle royale game Fortnite

The technicolor-madness-viral-dancing of Fortnite seems like a strange fit for the big trailer reveal. But with movie theaters out of commission it seems Warner Bros. is going for something a little different. Fortnite has hosted live music gigs from a Weezer album launch to a giant hologram Travis Scott. The Twitter announcement revealed that the trailer will be able to watch on “the big screen” every hour. Personally, I have no idea what that means but that’s only due to my own Fortnite ignorance and very bad hand to eye coordination. For those who do play the game, the trailer will be available from 8PM ET. Hopefully some kind soul at Warner Bros. will also upload it to YouTube for the non-Fortniters among us but who knows. If they don’t then it would play into the exclusivity that Nolan was curating with Tenet trailers only playing in theaters.

TENET Trailer Will Premiere on Fornite... Because 2020_1
Warner Bros.

Fans are hoping the trailer will reveal some of the films secrets as so far little is known about Tenet. Directed by Nolan, Tenet is led by John David Washington who is joined by Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, Himesh Patel, Nolan stalwart Michael Caine and a whole cast of stellar talent. Pattinson recently stated that it’s not a time-travel movie though that was the prevailing theory. Basically, it’s all up for grabs. Is Tenet a movie that only exists inside Fortnite? Does Nolan even know what Fortnite is? Most importantly, will the trailer finally backdown on the July theatrical release? We’ll find out at 8PM ET in Fortnite, baby!!

Header Image: Warner Bros. 

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