TED LASSO Season 2 Kicks Off with a Trailer

I love Jason Sudeikis. I also love his old commercials about an American football coach hired to manage a European soccer team. And yet I did not think that Apple TV+‘s Ted Lasso would be that good. Nor did I trust every single rave review. Even though they made the show sound like the best thing since barbecue sauce. But I finally watched the first season. And now? I believe in Ted Lasso, one of television’s best shows. And while I didn’t need anything to get me hyped to return to the pitch, the new season two trailer is utter perfection.

Because you can’t beat the winning combination of Ted Lasso and Queen.

It has already been a historic week for European soccer. One most fans are also calling an historically disastrous one. The biggest clubs have announced they’re forming a Super League (no, really, that’s the actual name). It would consolidate more money and more power to the sport’s richest teams. In a move that could ruin the world’s most popular sport forever.

It’s all pretty awful. Which is why Apple TV couldn’t have picked a better moment to release a trailer for season two of its feel-good hit. Ted Lasso, Coach Beard, Rebecca, Keeley, Roy, and the rest of the AFC Richmond club is back to rock you. All with some help from Queen’s iconic anthem and a never-ending supply of positivity.

Ted Lasso watches one of his players at a press conferenceApple TV+

Season two, which thankfully won’t have to worry about ramifications of the Super League, will see the team trying to make its way back up to the top division. But this trailer shows they’ll face some problems in their quest. Mainly too many ties. In an effort to change their luck, they hire a sports psychologist. Ted likes to play that role with his players, so it’ll be interesting to see how the two get along. Especially since she doesn’t eat sugar and isn’t interested in his biscuits.

But we’re interested in everything Ted Lasso does. He makes the world, both of the show and ours, a better place,. And you better believe I’ll be watching when season two premiers on July 23. It’s gonna rock.