He had the face of a handsome man you’d meet in a bar. Chiseled, a little bit of scruff, a charming wink. But the exterior appeal masked a dangerous secret. His name was Ted Bundy, and he was a rapist, a kidnapper, a necrophile, and one of the most prolific and well-known serial killer in American history.Now, Netflix will explore the working mind of Bundy in an upcoming docuseries, Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes. Here’s our first look:

The series comes from director Joe Berlinger, who’s best known for his Paradise Lost trilogy about the West Memphis Three. Those Emmy and Oscar-nominated films brought widespread attention to the case, and eventually lead to the release of the three men arrested for murdering a trio of young boys in West Memphis, Arkansas. But don’t expect Conversations with a Killer to have such an outcome: Bundy confessed to his crimes and was executed on death row in 1989.What the series will provide, however, is a deeper understanding of the sadistic killer, and the public reaction to his crimes. His good looks complicated reactions to his devilish murders, drawing in fans; he even got married while incarcerated. As we see in scenes from the docuseries, women questioned on the street said things like, “He just doesn’t look like the type to kill somebody.” And yet, he killed at least 30 somebodies, and possibly more.Conversations with a Killer will feature never-before-heard interviews with Bundy, splicing in news footage and anecdotes from people who knew or studied him. The four-part series comes to Netflix on January 24.

Images: Netflix

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