Teacher Uses Meme Stickers to Grade Homework

It’s hard getting adults to pay attention when we all carry little machines full of every distraction we could ever want in our pockets. So, you can imagine how challenging it can be for teachers to reach their students with something as archaic as handwritten notes on a paper. But rather than fight modern communication techniques, one very clever English teacher has managed to connect with her students by combining the old with the new: she’s grading papers with meme stickers.

Twitter user @axfxq shared her unique way of correcting her assignments on Wednesday; she prints stickers of popular memes to let her students know when they’ve done well or…not.

This isn’t just a fun way to reach her kids. It’s actually very apropos for the subject matter, “Media Studies.” She says she wouldn’t use them for younger students though.

She says her kids are really responding to them too, because at heart we’re really all just Kimmy Schmidt and want a colorful, literal stamp of approval.

Due to the overwhelming response people have had to these stickers, she made the template for her confused Nick Young meme available to everyone. All you need is the right sticker paper and then you can cut them out.And because we love this simple yet engaging method so much we want to contribute with some memes we think would also be great to use.Have an assignment that is so bad it makes you actually feel bad?

A paper needs to be longer?

One completed assignment misses the mark entirely?

Student absolutely nails it?

Not sure if the paper is the student’s best effort or was them not trying?

Of course, most high school senior papers have good elements and areas that need to be improved. Fortunately the internet has the perfect meme for that.

We’re pretty sure Drake would approve of grading papers with meme stickers.What would be a great meme for this teacher to use? Stick your best idea in the comments below.

Featured Image: Thru The Lens/Cassy Athena

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