This Mom’s Surprise Visit to SESAME STREET Is Adorable

It may not be the time of year for Mother’s Day, but 20/20 associate producer Maddy Cunningham just officially raised and set the bar for the coolest gift to mom ever. And the fact that her mom appreciated this particular gift so much says a lot for her own coolness factor as a parent.Cunningham (the younger), who told the story on Twitter in multiple parts, told her mother only that they were going on a surprise trip. Then in the elevator, she broke the news that on this sunny day, they were going where the air is sweet. Her reaction was instant.

If you’ve ever wondered what it might look like to enter Sesame Street, follow Maddy’s mom as she does exactly that:

And while things could have gotten super-sentimental from there, her meeting with Ernie ended in laughs, and demonstrates that the puppets feel alive even when you can blatantly see the puppeteer.

Eager to keep the laughs going, monsters Cookie and Herry had a bit of fun with their new guest, and each other.

Herry’s a persistent fellow. You might call him a Herry plotter, though Sesame Street itself is the real sorcerer’s stone.

But it was Rosita who reminded us that in addition to folks who put their lives on the line, we could sometimes (always) stand to thank the teachers who dedicate their lives to making kids smarter, better people.

You can find a few more photos on Maggie’s Twitter feed, including her mom in Big Bird’s nest. It’s safe to say that any hypothetical Kid of the Year award is probably in the bag.What would you want to do first if you found yourself on Sesame Street? Sweep the clouds away and comment below!

Image: Sesame Workshop

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