Serve Your Feet Tasty Pizza Socks That Look Like a Real Pie

When we were kids we always worried we’d tear open a present on Christmas morning only to find a pair of boring old socks waiting for us. The older we get, though, and the more we realize they don’t just magically show up in our sock drawer, the more we appreciate getting a cozy pair of foot warmers as a gift. This holiday season we’re going to put some delicious ones on our wish list, because we would love getting a big plate of these fantastic pizza socks.These ingenious, “hand-kneaded combed cotton” socks, first seen at Laughing Squid, come from the MegCyprianStore Etsy shop out of Warsaw, Poland. “Baked with fresh ingredients in our oven” to guarantee “your legs will luxuriate every time you wear them,” the socks are made with “delicate ribbing and a flat stitch Rosso.” To complete the effect they are delivered in a matching pizza box. They also come in a variety of styles to match your tastes: pepperoni, veggie, Hawaiian, Italian, and Capriciosa, or you can order a “mixed” pizza.You can get just a single “slice” of them (which costs $11.73), which includes one “pizza sock” and one beige “dough sock,” but we much prefer getting four pairs ($29.93) that look like a small pie Those come with four pizza socks and four dough ones, so you can even mix and match.Honestly, you probably still shouldn’t give these socks as gifts this year. Not because any kid or adult wouldn’t love them though, but because you should serve them to yourself.

Images: MegCyprianStore

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