Target Created A Line Of Halloween Costumes For Kids With Disabilities

Halloween costumes can be a tricky thing to navigate when you have a disability. Costumes that are mass-produced rarely take different types of bodies–especially those with mobility or sensory issues–into consideration. This makes it difficult for a wheelchair-bound child to find something that works. But why should trick-or-treating be more difficult just because you have a disability? It shouldn’t, and Target took that to heart. Thus, their new collection of Halloween costumes made specifically for children with disabilities.

According to Fast Company, the brand recently launched an affordable line of adaptive Halloween costumes that make it easier for kids with a range of disabilities to participate in the holiday’s festivities. Not only will the costumes fit the child, but some even help decorate their wheelchairs. There’s a princess costume that comes with a carriage decal for wheelchairs, as well as a pirate costume that comes with a pirate ship.

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The line doesn’t just take wheelchair disabilities into consideration, however; they also created a line of extra-soft onesies with flat seams and no tags for children with autism and other sensory issues. The idea is to prevent irritation–which often comes in the form of zippers and rough fabrics. So children with sensitivities can enjoy the holiday and not feel agitated during trick-or-treating.

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These onesies–which come in the form of unicorns or sharks–also come with a hidden opening in the front so children with special needs who have medical equipment can access that from the abdomen.

Even better, the costumes won’t break your bank. They range in price from $20 to $45, with the onesies coming in at around $25 or $30 depending on the size or style. That’s not bad at all for such a quality costume. We’re so happy that Target is veering more towards inclusivity with their products, and this line is a great start. You can find all of the costumes on Target’s website here, or purchase them in stores later this year.

Images: Target

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