From STAR WARS to the MCU, Which Buildings in Fiction Are the Tallest?

In the real world, we marvel at skyscrapers like One World Trade Center, or the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. But those buildings are simply dwarfed by the ones folks create in their imaginations. But which imaginary buildings are the biggest? Buildworld has recently ranked the tallest buildings as seen in fiction, across film, books, and video games. And the answers as to what the tallest buildings are might surprise you. They’ve released their findings in a series of infographics, and you’ll spot several iconic monoliths from Star Wars, games like Grand Theft Auto, and more. You can check them out in our gallery below.

It’s interesting to see that the tallest structure by a significant margin in films comes from the galaxy far, far away. Standing at 4,343 meters tall is the Coruscant residential complex at 500 Republica. We first saw it in The Phantom Menace, as the home of the Galactic Senate’s most elite members. Coming in at second place is the Tyrell Corporation headquarters, from the futuristic Los Angeles we saw in Blade Runner. That cityscape was a direct influence on the looks of Coruscant in Star Wars.

Avengers tower from the MCU, Sauron's fortress from the Lord of the Rings, and the building from 500 Republica in Star Wars.
Marvel Studios/New Line Cinema/Lucasfilm

Both of these structures make some other famous buildings from movies seem very tiny. Even Barad-dûr, home to the Eye of Sauron from The Lord of the Rings, can’t compete when it comes to size. Hogwarts looks like a two-story apartment complex next to them. As for the skyscrapers from various Marvel movies? These tend to have something closer to real-world proportions. So Avengers Tower and the Oscorp Tower from The Amazing Spider-Man films mostly seem like regular old buildings in comparison. The buildings from the Grand Theft Auto series are way more down to Earth as well. As for us, well, we’re more comfortable closer to the ground. Has anyone got a hobbit hole with a spare room?

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