‘Tales from the LEGO Crypt’ Build Brings Brick Graveyard (Back) to Life

What’s harder than raising long-dead people buried deep in their graves back to life? Building a super sweet, super spooky LEGO pop-up book that’s multi-functional and nearly studless, of course. But for one master crypt—nay, brick—keeper, both tricks are possible simultaneously! (Except the “people” being brought back to “life” are LEGO minifigures.)

First of all, if you haven’t heard of JK Brickworks—the mind behind the creation in the above video—please check out the man’s YouTube channel. Numerous brilliant and fully functional builds have sprung forth from his presumably brick-filled brains, including the Sisyphus LEGO kinetic sculpture that Adam Savage de- and re-constructed on Tested, as well as this egg decorator that will make next Easter a snap. (Get it? ‘Cause LEGOs snap? You get it.)The MOC (or “my own creation”) build, which we first spotted on Reddit, is actually a one-off of one of JK’s previous builds: this LEGO pop-up book. To celebrate that build garnering over 5,000 supporters on LEGO Ideas, and Halloween of course, JK built this spooktacular version.

Among the highlights of this literal graveyard book (shout out to Neil Gaiman), are working gates, creepy vines, skeletons that rise from the ground, and a minifig ghost that, thanks to a movable piston, rises and falls in a very haunting fashion. On top of all that, the entire book can literally be opened and closed, with all of those functional pieces moving to accommodate the internal change in space, and it hurts to think about the problem solving that required.

If you want to support the original LEGO Pop-Up Book or Tales from the LEGO Crypt, you can do so by going to their respective support pages linked here and here. (Side note: builds need to reach 10,000 supporters to be reviewed by LEGO for potential retail sale, but it most certainly does happen: e.g. that recently announced, highly groovy Beatles Yellow Submarine.)

What do you think about this LEGO graveyard book? Are you wondering if that little ghost piece glows in the dark ’cause you remember it glowing in the dark back when you were a kid too?! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Happy Halloween everyone!

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Images: JK Brickworks

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