Take Your First Step to Becoming a Cyberman with This Human Charger

Every one of us has had to fight with the normal, human problems of jet lag, low energy, lack of concentration, or bad moods. While we have developed methods to cope, like caffeine and naps, oftentimes the best way to get over those things is to simply work through them. It’s not a great solution, admittedly. But now one company has set out to upgrade how we humans operate by helping us delete our feelings of fatigue, low energy, and grumpiness.

Meet the HumanCharger from the company Valkee. As Laughing Squid reports, the HumanCharger is a tiny device that delivers therapeutic light to photosensitive areas of your brain through earbuds. Valkee has studied the effects of light to the brain via the ear canal, and it turns out they’ve gotten some really positive results.

Light therapy isn’t anything new, of course. Most commonly, you see individuals use it to combat things like Seasonal Affective Disorder. So while it’s a little jarring to see it used in earbud form, it stands to reason that the HumanCharger could effectively help you beat things like jet lag, bad moods, and fatigue.

Of course, all technological advancement comes at a price. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen earbuds used as a way to delete the more unpleasant aspects of the human experience. The Cybermen tried it with their EarPod technology thanks to the aid of Torchwood I–and with a pretty fair amount of initial success, too. Given the fact that what is essentially the  Cybermen logo can be found on the front of the HumanCharger, be sure that as you’re deciding if you want the black or silver HumanCharger, also think about which color of Cyberman armor you’d prefer to have. You know, just to have all of your bases covered.

What do you think of the HumanCharger? Have you used it before? Tell us about it in the comments!

Feature Image: A Health Blog/Flickr

Could humanity power the Matrix?

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