Take Back the 7 Kingdoms With These DIY Game of Thrones Dragon Eggs

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You can’t make dragons without burning some eggs. Luckily for us, Imgur user MegaKx created a step-by-step tutorial on how to create your own lightweight dragon eggs a la Game of Thrones. Plus they stained and lined a box in which to carry them, because, you know, dragon eggs need to be handled with care.

MegaKx starts with a set of jumbo-sized plastic eggs like these.

From there, they cut out a series of various sized scales from craft foam, then adhered them to the eggs using hot glue and a sharpie to apply each scale with precision.

After the glue cools, the scales are distressed with sculpting tools and coated with wet clay for texture.

Once the clay is set, next comes black primer and color paint.

Several hours of dry brushing later, and voila!

As for the box, MegaKx primed and painted their own with a series of black and brown paints to get just the right shade.

For the finishing touch, they glued red fabric to the interior. (Writer’s note: To support the eggs or keep them standing up, you can cut foam to fill the box and create divots in it to cup each egg.)

For full instructions and more detailed images to help you make your own, you’ll have to go to MegaKx’s imgur post for the how to. Or if you want to try making an even bigger dragon egg, check out DannyMB’s version which utilizes balloons and paper mâché to build an egg that can be opened and hinged to create a gift box.

Do you have any tips or favorite methods for creating dragon eggs? Share them with us in the comments!

Image credits: MegaKx

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