Create Your Own TACO BELL Salt with Sauce Packets

Do us a favor. Before you continue with this article, run out to your car and look at the contents of your glove box. We’ll give you a moment.

Back? Okay. Now, think about what you saw. How many items were of actual importance, and how many items were Taco Bell sauce packets? Like most people, the percentages weigh heavily towards the Taco Bell packets. Why do we keep them? Are we waiting for the one day Taco Bell forgets to give us too many? Claire Lower decided to not wait for the monumental day of validation and took the initiative to turn those unused packets into something useful and tasty. Over on Skillet, she showed her recipe to make Taco Bell salt.

Not since walking into Red Robin for the first time have we ever heard of such a great idea for salt usage. Taking about 10 packets of fire sauce, Claire mixed it with 1/4 cup table salt in a food processor. Once the mixture is uniform in color, place into a 200-degree oven for two hours, making sure the salt is completely dry. One more trip into the food processor and your chips, popcorn, or even your bottomless fries can have a great (yes, we know it’s relative) Taco Bell flavor and feel to it.

You can read more ways Claire uses other items to make great snacks on her blog here.

So what do you think? Will you be spicing up Taco Tuesday at your house with Taco Bell salt? What would be your snack of choice to sprinkle it on? Let us know on Facebook or sound off in the comments below.

Image: Anthony92931 via Wikimedia Commons

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