SWARM Teaser Trailer Takes Fandom to Deadly and Obsessive Depths

We all know a thing or two about really, really loving something. Whether we are buzzing along with the rest of Yellowjackets’ fandom hive or die-hard Whovians with TARDISES all over our house (It’s me, I’m both), there’s something really satisfying about finding a show, singer, or book universe that you really dig. But, what happens when that love turns to a dark obsession? How far will one go to be close or defend their fave? Murder and mayhem, perhaps? That’s what’s happening in Swarm, an upcoming Prime Video series by Donald Glover about a fan of an R&B superstar who seems familiar. (Thank you Vulture for the quick synopsis.) The first teaser trailer for Swarm hints that blood and bad behavior will rule this fan’s quest to be near her favorite singer. 

In the short clip, we hear an incessant buzzing and meet a young Black woman, played by Dominique Fishback. She’s a Houston native and obviously a part of a fandom for a certain bejeweled woman singer. Throughout the brief clip, she continuously asks “Who is your favorite artist?” as the imagery gets increasingly disturbing. The scene of her standing over an injured man with a sledgehammer is very wild.

a woman in a nice house with marble floors mops up blood in swarm teaser trailer
Quantrell D. Colbert/Prime Video

The Swarm teaser trailer ends with her singing into a mop handle while she cleans up spilled blood. This is all very interesting considering the artist is question is certainly inspired by Houston-native Beyoncé, whose BeyHive fandom is infamous for their staunch support of the international superstar. But, it looks like this fan is going to go to deadly lengths to get whatever she wants—be that fame, concert tickets, or to defend this singer. Yikes. And, this series also stars Chloë Bailey, a singer who—along with her sister Halle—is Beyoncé’s protégé. In the aforementioned Vulture interview, Glover says the show will be a sister to his critically acclaimed hit Atlanta. So we are in for a wild ride.

Swarm will hit Prime Video on March 17.

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