Get Your Fill of SWAMP THING With These Creepy Clips

DC Universe is swiftly carving out a name for itself as one of the most interesting places for comic book content. With releases like Titans, Doom Patrol, and Young Justice: Outsiders, the publisher’s platform has already got some seriously original offerings, but things just got even more exciting with another look at the streamer’s highly anticipated Swamp Thing project.

As it is executive produced by James Wan, Gary Dauberman, and Len Wiseman, among others, we shouldn’t be too surprised that the show looks like it will be seriously horror-heavy. Still, we were pleasantly taken aback by the sincerely spooky tone.

In case you aren’t already a huge Swampy fan, what you need to know is this: Created by Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson, the story focuses on Alec Holland who, depending on the origin, either gets transformed into a magical Swamp creature or becomes a part of a new ecologically based creature’s conscious. The show is set in New Orleans and follows Abby Arcane (who in the comics is Alec’s love interest) as she returns home to investigate some deadly and mysterious goings on in the bayou.

The first full trailer is a straight up horror-fest that showcases the unbelievably stacked cast including Jennifer Beals, Henderson Wade, Andy Bean, Derek Mears, Virginia Madsen, Will Patton, and Kevin Durand. It also hints at the inclusion of some of the most iconic moments from the comics, such as a mortuary resurrection straight from the pages of Alan Moore’s beloved Saga of the Swamp Thing run.

If the first scary trailer wasn’t enough to get your juices flowing then how about this new erotically charged teaser that leans into the more romantic aspects of the story, particularly the iconic issue of Saga of the Swamp Thing “Rite of Spring”!

There’s a brand new Swamp Thing trailer on the horizon and this time it features a bit more backstory between Alec Holland (the man who would become Swamp Thing) and Crystal Reed’s Abby Arcane. It’s a mini-intro to the origin of the pair and their complex, plant-based relationship that takes a distinct turn for the strange when Alec is transformed into an elemental-plant-creature.

These teasers give a good idea of the tone for the project and it seems like it’s going to lean in on the horror origins of the character as well as the body-horror-friendly nature of Alec’s affliction. As Swamp Thing is usually a hero, it seems like we may have even gotten a glimpse at the villainous Floronic Man, as there are some very violent branches that feature in the teasers. But we’ll have to wait until May 31 to find out just who is using their plant powers for evil!

Images: DC Universe

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