Surround Yourself with Falling Dominoes Thanks to This 360-Degree Video

On this site, we’ve written about domino displays featuring 15,000, 78,000, and even 80,000 dominoes, so you’d think we’d just bat our eyes at a setup featuring only 4,200 bricks. With all displays, though, it’s about presentation, and this 360-degree video from FlippyCat puts you in the middle of a circle of dominoes, and it’s an interesting watch ( via Sploid).

As with all 360-degree YouTube videos, you can explore your virtual environment by moving your phone around, or if you’re on a desktop setup, by clicking and dragging or using AWSD. Once you acclimate yourself, you can watch the wall gradually fall down around you, pillars of pink, red, yellow, green, orange, purple, and blue collapsing before your eyes. Just when you think it’s over, the video is reversed and it looks like the arrangement is quickly being put back together by a duper dexterous ghost.What’s too bad is initially, this video was slated to be even more impressive. “I had a larger wall originally, but it fell down when I was starting to fill the center with bridges/dominoes to follow along looking down,” the video’s description reads. For aspiring 360-degree video filmographers, it turns out that the price of entry for making clips like this isn’t terribly out of reach. This video was filmed with a 360Fly 4K camera, which currently retail for about $400.

Check out the clip above, and let us know of any other cool 360-degree videos you’ve seen. Personally, I think Foals’ music video for “Mountain At My Gates” is pretty neat.

Featured Image: FlippyCat/YouTube

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