Embrace SUPERNATURAL History with John Winchester Journal Replica/Road Map (Exclusive)

“Dad’s on a hunting trip, and he hasn’t been home in a few days.”

That sentence is at the core of Supernatural. It’s what launched Sam and Dean Winchester on their journey—one that’s stretched thousands of miles and gone to hell and back. Literally. In the beginning of their hunter career, the brothers were guided by what they found in their father’s records. John Winchester’s journal was a guidebook for hunters, filled with notes and illustrations. It’s the sort of thing fans have longed to purchase, and now, we can. We’re excited to exclusively share Con*Quest Journals is launching an officially licensed John Winchester Replica Journal and The Road So Far Winchester Road Map.

Pictures say it best:

Let’s discuss the John Winchester Replica Journal. It’s made from faux leather and includes 40 replica pages and 40 lined blank journal pages so you can make your own notes about whatever you’d like—monster sketches, convention memories, fanfic, etc. The journal also comes with five news articles, a Mystery Spot brochure, and an ad for Biggerson’s Turducken Slammer. Because of course. I love the attention to detail. It’s apparent this was designed by a Supernatural fan.

And I can’t forget the add-ons for the journal! Con*Quest has medals and ribbons inspired by John’s military mementos and also a set of red rosary beads.

Now, let’s discuss the map. Sam and Dean have been to a ton of backwater towns and cities in seasons one through 11. The Road So Far Winchester Road Map follows the brothers’ winding path. It’s easy to imagine this shoved into the Impala’s glove compartment. The map features the spots the Winchesters have been—they’re marked with x—margin notes and comes with a key.

How and when can you get your hands on these beauties and start your hunting career?* Con*Quest Journal has the journal, map, and journal accessories available for pre-order now. Just direct your Impala to their website. For the journal, you can buy a bundle that includes everything or choose items a la carte. Pre-orders will ship in late June.

Go to the gallery below to see more drool-worthy images, then head on down to the comment section and let me know what you’ll be doing with your copy of John Winchester’s journal.

*Don’t do that. Have you seen what happens to most hunters? It’s bad. Real bad. Use these items as cosplay props and display pieces. Or take your own Winchesters-inspired journey!

Images: Con*Quest Journals

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