The 14 Most Tear Inducing Moments in SUPERNATURAL’s 300th Episode

Warning: Spoilers are ahead for the 300th episode of Supernatural.

Supernatural’s 300th episode, titled “Lebanon,” featured the return of Papa Winchester himself, Jeffrey Dean Morgan. “Lebanon” proves to be an instant classic Supernatural episode that delivered laugh-out-loud moments, suspenseful action, and a few other surprises. So in honor of John’s epic return and with it being Season 14 and all, here are the 14 most tear-inducing moments of Supernatural’s 300th episode.

14. Opening the episode with the old school “Dad’s on a hunting trip” clip.
The 14 Most Tear Inducing Moments in SUPERNATURAL’s 300th Episode_1The 14 Most Tear Inducing Moments in SUPERNATURAL’s 300th Episode_1

I legitimately gasped and then coughed and then cried. Sam and Dean were such babies and they’ve been through so much. The passage of time is a real bitch.

13. That Sam and Dean are going by the “Campbell” brothers.

This is a nod to Mary’s family and their heritage on her side of the family as hunters. Although things were dicey with the Campbells at times, it’s nice to see them acknowledging that half of their family.

12. Without getting into specifics, the episode has to deal with an artifact that grants wishes.

The Winchesters have a history of emotionally devastating wishes, and in this instance, it’s Dean’s that is truly heartbreaking.

11. The first instant that we see the boys see John.

After not seeing their dad for 12 years, the looks of awe, sadness, and joy on Sam and Dean’s faces made me well up as they realized who was trying to kick their asses.

10. When John heard Mary’s voice for the first time and teared up and said “Mary,” then when John and Mary saw each other for the first time in decades.

Supernatural is not a show known for its romances, beyond giving Sam and Dean a one night stand or two, or if we want to go back even further, giving Dean a taste of domestic bliss or Sam a love affair with a demon and/or demon blood. John and Mary’s warm, loving, romantic reunion was a nice change of pace and especially satisfying considering we’ve barely seen adult John and Mary interact together, before this episode.

9. Dean wanting just one family dinner.

One of Dean’s earliest wishes was to have an “apple pie life,” so to hear him pleading with Sam to have a family dinner with the four Winchesters was a lot to handle, especially after seeing Dean ask Mary to make one of her specialties on his goodbye tour from a few episodes ago.

8. When John admitted he screwed things up with Sam, and then Sam cried about how he never got to say goodbye, culminating in John saying “I’m sorry” to Sam.
The 14 Most Tear Inducing Moments in SUPERNATURAL’s 300th Episode_2

This resolution has been years in the making, with John and Sam finally resolving their differences and Sam getting the apology he deserved. Tear level: heavy thunderstorms.

7. When Castiel said “I don’t know you” to the Winchester brothers and almost kills them.

This consequence to the Winchesters’ meddling was a gut punch, and without getting into spoilers, definitely justifies how the episode ends. Cas and the Winchesters care about each other and are each other’s family, so to see that taken away was shocking and tear-inducing.

6. Dean and John’s one-on-one conversation.

Dean and John’s personal moment was also extremely touching and deeply sad, as John admits how proud he is of Dean, while Dean must give him some disappointing news. John’s reaction to this is even more heart wrenching. At this point, I was fully sobbing.

5. Sam and Mary’s one-on-one conversation.
The 14 Most Tear Inducing Moments in SUPERNATURAL’s 300th Episode_3

The old “siblings split up to deliver bad news” trick also does a number on Mary, who is fighting to be strong as Sam confirms what we all know needs to happen. It doesn’t make it any easier, and doesn’t make this scene any less sad to watch. This conversation had me choking on my own sobs and gasping for air.

4. When John tells Dean he hoped he would get a normal life and a family.

To hear John convey that his wishes for Dean match up with Dean’s own wishes for himself shows us just how alike these two men are. Dean’s acknowledgement of the family he has, thanks to John, is absolutely crushing to hear.

3. The Winchester family dinner.

Dean’s dream comes true and the four Winchesters sit down to eat, laugh, and enjoy each other’s company, something they’ve never gotten to do in the history of the series. The normalcy they all never got to have is here in this one, poignant, classically soundtracked meal. The laughter was too much and this scene had me reaching for de-puffing eye patches.

2. When Sam and Dean have their moment of acceptance about how their experiences made them who they are.

Sam and Dean have a moment of dishwashing to talk through how everything has gone down, and Dean fully owns who he is as a person, and is proud of who he is for the first time in his life. While they acknowledge their parents weren’t perfect, Sam and Dean have now gained some closure and respect themselves and each other as strong humans. I am struggling to see the screen, I am crying so much.

1. When John told the boys to take care of each other.
The 14 Most Tear Inducing Moments in SUPERNATURAL’s 300th Episode_4

Supernatural has always been a show about family, and I can’t remember an episode quite this emotional after Season Five. John did everything he did because he loved his family, and that love is extended in John’s words to the boys to take care of each other. As the episode came to a close, I drowned on my own sobs. I am finishing this write up from the beyond, RIP me.

Overall, John Winchester’s return lived up to the hype and delivered a heart wrenching, thoughtful, satisfying episode that makes me wonder how Supernatural will bounce back. Will it have any effect on Dean’s plan? We’ll just have to wait until next week to find out.

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