Superhero Playlist: Kamala Khan

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We’ve all felt a little out of place, a bit insecure, and definitely had our fair share of struggles. While we’d like to think of ourselves as empowering and totally in control of our lives, let’s face it…we’re probably not but wishing desperately that we could. Which is what makes Kamala Khan oh so totally #relatable. Extremely obsessed with superheroes (particularly Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel) and riddled with angst and anxieties, Kamala is the superhero we’ve all been waiting for. She’s just like us.

So what does a fanfiction writing, world saving, badass teen rock out to? We opened it up to you guys and added a few of our own to create our first ever collaborative playlist that is quite ~marvelous~.

“Bad Girls” – M.I.A.
As controversial as rapper M.I.A. is, there’s no doubt that she embodies female empowerment, especially for minorities in a very straight laced industry. Due to her extreme nerdiness, Kamala has always felt like an outsider and we can definitely see her clinging on to the ideals that M.I.A. has set up in her own persona. “Bad Girls” in particular is M.I.A. calling out standards placed on women and then completely obliterating them. It’s a mean, harsh track that gets the blood pumping.

“Cherry Bomb” – The Runaways
The Runaways were an all-girl rock band that broke all the molds of what people thought a girl group should represent. Their story is about surviving in a male dominated society and dealing with all the negative backlash that came with simply being female and rocker in the 70s. Their anthem “Cherry Bomb” is brash and unapologetic and down right rocks. Something that Kamala would definitely look up to.

“Your Body is a Weapon” – The Wombats
With her Terrigenesis, Kamala’s body is *literally* a weapon. In all seriousness, Kamala is still a teen and what The Wombats have captured brilliantly throughout their tenure is honing that experience in a sound that is glittery and bright and full of emotion. From their triumphant comeback album Glitterbug, “Your Body is a Weapon” retains their past sound and pushes it forward with interesting synths that make the track digestible enough for today’s musical climate. It’s a fun song to blast home alone in your bedroom or while you’re out fighting crime. You know, normal teen activities.

“Running Behind” – HOLYCHILD
There’s something maniac and fast paced about being a teenager. Now add in all the crime fighting and weird trippy visions of your hero in your head, and you’ve got a lot to deal with. LA based HOLYCHILD have stormed onto the scene with their own genre called “brat pop” that is high energy, jittery, and full of attitude. Frantic and pure pop explosion, “Running Behind” feels like a beautiful shrieking release of noise that would be welcomed in any situation.

“The City” – The 1975
For a untypical teen, the band to fangirl over is 100% The 1975. A throwback vibe to the big anthemic bands of the 90s, the Manchester group have found that sweet spot of being cool and hip but definitely something for girls to scream about at inhuman octaves. Pretty sure Kamala would be using “The City” as her soundtrack to help craft that perfect Avengers fanfiction she’s been working on in her spare time.

What do you think Ms. Marvel would be jamming to? Listen to more of our choices and add your own in the playlist below!

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