Superhero Playlist: Batman

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Another week, another Superhero playlist! This time around, we take a look at the Dark Knight’s iPod to see what he’s got loaded up and ready to blast in the Batmobile on any given day. So what is Bruce Wayne listening to? Let’s find out!

Mad World – Gary Jules, 2002

For a guy whose parents were murdered right in front of him and fights maniacs on a nightly basis, is it any wonder that there might be some depressing music on this playlist? Gary Jules’ “Mad World” might be the most disturbingly beautiful performance to ever hit the main stream. Odds are, Bruce Wayne listens to this after a rough day and thinks of all the madness that surrounds him.

Fade to Black – Metallica, 1984

Even Batman enjoys a bit of metal power ballad in his music diet. With the eerie guitar riffs and piano, along with James Hetfield’s haunting lyrics, Metallica’s “Fade to Black” would be the perfect song to play while you’re running along the tattered rooftops of Gotham City at night. And we all know Bruce Wayne does love the color black, so this seems quite fitting.

I Remember – Deadmau5 and Kaskade, 2009

Everybody needs a good driving song. You know, something to just tune out to and burn rubber across the city. Well, when Batman is blasting through the streets of Gotham, this song is sure to but the Dark Knight at ease. It’s a long, mellow, electric tune that certainly seems to fit with Batman’s dark mood.

Yesterday – The Beatles, 1965

Bruce might have been recommended this song by Alfred, but it’s a great, sad song. Certainly someone who has suffered as much as Bruce has can understand why this song is beautifully perfect for any somber day or occasion. It perfectly captures the desire to want to go back and change the past, but the helplessness that often comes with realizing that we cannot change the past. Cheer up, Batman, but enjoy this song in the meantime.

Paint It, Black – The Rolling Stones, 1966

As someone who loves to paint everything black, how can this song not be on Batman’s playlist? It captures the Dark Knight’s persona both literally and symbolically. He loves all of his gadgets to be black as can be, but he also has a very pessimistic outlook on life. If he could have it his way, the whole world would be painted black to fit his mood.

Ghost in the Machine – B.O.B., 2010

Even Bruce Wayne wishes he didn’t have to be Batman sometimes. This song captures that angst and the pessimistic outlook of someone who has seen some messed up things, and just wants to get away. No doubt Bruce has this song playing in the bat cave after a hard day fighting the villains of Arkham.

Numb – Linkin Park, 2003

This is a great song to blast while kicking some butt. The heavy guitar, rock beats, and piano make for an intense cocktail of anger and aggression, mixed with focus and regret. Bruce Wayne is often driven by his emotions, so this song would be the perfect fuel for a fast paced hand-to-hand battle.

Like Spinning Plates – Radiohead, 2001

When you’re waiting for a new task, sometimes you need a song to fill the void. Imagine Batman waiting atop Wayne Tower, searching for the next bad guy to take down. He needs to clear his head and get ready to start anew. This song subtly highlights the frustrations of a balancing act, like spinning plates, or keeping tabs on multiple active super villains. Odds are, Batman finds this song comforting and ironic.

Hurt – Johnny Cash, 2002

Johnny Cash’s cover of “Hurt” seems to capture the regret and the fear that fills Bruce Wayne’s heart. It’s a beautiful song, but is from the perspective of someone who has seen much pain in their life. Batman probably plays this after a hard day, and wonders what pains and obstacles the next day will have in store.

Cowboys from Hell – Pantera, 1990

Every guy needs a good, guitar-heavy rock song. The intense vibes and insane guitar shredding from Pantera’s “Cowboys from Hell” are sure to light that inner fire in Batman. He’s got to have a good victory song, and this is sure to be the one. After stopping the Joker, Scarecrow, and the Riddler, Batman needs to walk out of Arkham Asylum with something to listen and celebrate to.

Looks like Batman has a pretty dark but balanced mix on his playlist. What songs didn’t make the cut that you think should have? Leave your comments below and feel free to make suggestions for which superheroes you’d like to see featured on future editions of Superhero Playlist!

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