This Super-Powered Paper Shredder Could Probably Kill You

You know those movies where a big-time corporation is caught in the middle of some huge scandal, and there’s that scene where the unknowing do-good employee goes to the office only to find trash cans on fire and secretaries shredding giant stacks of documents? Well, if these offices were equipped with the paper shredder in the video below, they could erase all traces of their wrongdoing in under a minute (via Sploid).

The Danish tinkerer in the video has decided to upgrade his paper shredder with a 44,400 RPM brushless motor, presumably a car or something like that (the subtitles don’t specify what exactly). After adding a battery pack and modifying the rest of the shredder to accommodate its new high-octane parts, he puts his new death machine to the test. Once a piece of paper touches the shredder, it’s gone almost instantly.

If you’re thinking that this would be awesome to have in your office, Sploid points out several reasons why it just wouldn’t work all that well. The too-strong motor would put a lot of wear on the rest of the shredder’s components, meaning it probably wouldn’t work well for much longer than it took to film the video. Not to mention, if a piece of your shirt or a tie gets caught in that thing, then my prayers go out to you.

Would you try this, or do you care too much about your fingers? What other office supplies would you like to see powered up like this? Share your pencil-pushing dreams down in the comments!

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