The Super Nintendo Classic Will Include Different Games in Europe and Japan

As many of us predicted and hoped when the NES Classic came out around last holiday season, the  Super Nintendo Classic Edition has followed suit. The list of 21 games that are included on the mini console, although not quite the lineup we had predicted, is pretty good, but Americans might get jealous of their friends in Europe and Japan.

It turns out that the versions of the consoles released in those territories look completely different:

And they also come with different games, as Kotaku notes. For example, the formerly PAL version includes Final Fantasy VI, which never came out on the SNES in Europe or Australia until the Playstation era. Meanwhile, the Japanese version includes exclusive games like Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem and The Legend of the Mystical Ninja.

Although that may seem like a bummer, think about it from this perspective: The U.S. version also includes games that those regions don’t have, so it’s a sort of pros-and-cons scenario here. Which region do you think is getting the best product? Share your thoughts about which console truly has the best games in the comments below.

Featured image: Nintendo

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