Hear the SUPER MARIO Theme Song “Played” with Pen and Paper

Right now—unless you are at an important meeting, funeral, or are inches away from someone on a crowded train—you should hum the beginning of the music from Super Mario Bros. Pretty easy, right?

After decades of bouncing around in our heads, it’s not hard to bring that iconic video game track to mind. Could you recreate the song with a piece of paper and a pen, though? Yes, we realize that’s a very strange question that might not even seem to make sense, but it will after you watch this video of a musician doing just that. All you need to “play” the opening of the classic theme song is the right combination of numbers.

Forget a piano or a guitar or even a kazoo. Artist and Twitter user Mewhan (whom we learned about at SoraNews24) has discovered that by writing the numbers “4-4-1” in a distinct pattern they can recreate the video game theme that has been continuously running in our heads for the last three decades. Now, before you watch it, try humming the very start of the song one more time so you it can clearly hear their version.

Did you get it? If not, focus on the actual song at the start of her video and then keep replaying it in your head before they begin writing “4-4-1.” That should do it.

Kinda crazy, right? It’s so weird it seems impossible, even though we’ve heard songs “played” by pen and paper before.

These talented people are playing songs by writing down numbers, meanwhile we can’t balance our checkbooks! (For the purpose of this joke, imagine we’re hacky ’90s stand-ups who still use physical checkbooks, please and thank you.)

But even if we’re unlikely to figure out how to play any other Super Mario songs with pen and paper, we can still hum most of them.

Featured Image: Nintendo

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