SUPER MARIO PARTY Maximizes the Nintendo Switch’s Capabilities

Ain’t no party like a Mario party, because a Mario Party don’t stop. And the only thing better? A Super Mario Party. Nintendo encourages in-person co-operative play like no other, and while a single Switch will be able to facilitate two players, more Switches can allow you to attach different Switches together, in different configurations that actually change the shape of the available play area depending on how you connect them, like a chain of dominoes.

Casual play and ease of learning is emphasized, with mini-games that range from tennis to tricycle races to board games to arena battling to…cooking steak. Motion sensors are definitely in play here, in some cases letting you flip that piece of sizzling meat in the pan juuuuust right. New characters include Dry Bones and Goomba.

Unlike a whole lot of games announced at E3 which have tentative and vague release dates, Super Mario Party is very definitely (we hope) scheduled for October 5, so you can get partying this fall. If you plan to take it on camping trips like they do in the trailer, don’t forget to bring chargers. And if you plan a Halloween party around the game, don’t forget our invite

Is this all you were hoping for? Which mini-game is your particular jam? How many Switches is some enterprising YouTuber going to try to connect for a crazy world-record game? Let us know your thoughts in comments.

Images: Nintendo 

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