SUPER MARIO Oreos Will Help You Stop Bowser with Cookies

Forget shells, coins, stars, and mushrooms; it’s Super Mario Oreos that will really help you defeat Bowser and also win at life. These limited-edition Oreos are inspired by the world of Super Mario and carry the tagline, “Collect cookies. Save the Kingdom.” That’s almost like Heroes‘ “Save the cheerleader, save the world.” But a little tastier. According to a release, Oreo is sending Mario fans on “a mission to help Mario and the other heroes stop Bowser.” That’s a lot for one pack of cookies. But we guess Oreos are up to the Super task. Let’s-a go!

Super Mario Oreo Feature

A release shares more about which characters and symbols we can expect to find on these unique Oreos. It notes:

The limited-edition OREO x Super Mario cookies feature 16 unique embossments including Super Mario characters and Power-ups, such as iconic heroes Mario and Luigi, a Super Star, and enemies like a Goomba and Bowser Jr. Packs are filled randomly. Each pack offers a new adventure for fans to discover the 16 different Super Mario designs!

Super Mario Oreos Heroes
Oreos Power ups

But how can these Oreos help to defeat Bowser you ask? Well, Oreo is challenging Super Mario fans to collect heroes and power-ups and then send him splashing into a glass of milk. Sounds like a sweet deal to us, just make sure you’re playing Jack Black a.k.a Bowser’s “Peaches” song in the background. Hopefully, the power of milk will help save Princess Peach from doom. Now all we need is an Oreo power-up in the world of Super Mario, and the circle will be complete.

Also, the release for these cookies wants to assure you that this is an all-ages adventure. So, feel free to embrace your inner child and get dunking. Defeating Bowser is fun for the whole family. Personally, we can’t wait to get a Blooper Oreo, adorable.

Bowser and other oreo villains
Super Mario obstacles

Notable missing from this collection of Super Mario Oreos is Princess Peach. But although initially unavailable Princess Peach will get her day in the Oreo sun, but only in limited quantities. Princess Peach is royalty after all, it makes sense for her Oreos to be limied-edition. To get a Princess Peach Oreo, you can enter Oreos’ sweepstakes here. There are 5,000 boxes of these Mario Oreos on offer. Please note the sweepstakes is only available to residents of the United States.

Princess Peach Nintendo Oreo from Super Mario Collection

You can order your Super Mario Oreos today. The cookies are also available at nationwide retailers.

Originally published on June 29, 2023.

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