SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY’s Magic Hat Is Even Weirder in SUPER MARIO 64

When I first saw the new Super Mario Odyssey E3 trailer (and then the show floor demonstration video that had 25 minutes of gameplay footage), there were so many things in it that totally blew me away. The biggest surprise, though, was Mario’s hat. From previously sneak peeks at the game, it was obvious that there was something different going on with the red cap this time around, but now we know the truth: Mario can use the hat to possess just about anything you can put a hat on.

Based on gameplay clips, it’s a really cool feature that is going to bring so many new possibilities to the Mario franchise, and it made at least one modder wonder what older Mario games would be like if Mario could throw his hat around and become whatever he wanted. That led to Kaze Emanuar’s Super Mario Odyssey 64, a Super Mario 64 mod that brings the new hat features to the classic Nintendo 64 game ( via Kotaku).

Super Mario 64 is a game that’s been dissected and picked apart endlessly since it was first released, but this really adds a new dimension to it. Mario can navigate around his world in entirely new ways, whether he’s bouncing off his hat or turning into a flock of birds and hitching a ride to the top of the castle. The 80-second trailer for the mod gives an idea of what’s possible, but much like Super Mario Odyssey itself, it will take some real exploring to truly understand what this new feature can do.

If you want to try this out for yourself, you can find a download link in the video’s description. If you do give it a go, let us know in the comments what sort of things the new hat allows you to do in Super Mario 64.

Featured image: Nintendo

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