Summon an Army of Waluigis with a SUPER SMASH BROS. ULTIMATE Glitch

“Waa waa waaaaaaa!” For months that’s all we heard from Nintendo fans over the exclusion of Waluigi as one of the many playable characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Now that the game is finally out though, the least surprising thing of all-time happened: our favorite purple overall wearing villain is in the game. Who would have thunk it…except for literally everyone. But in the Ultimate example of “be careful what you wish for,” you can now have all the Waluigis you like, in a scene straight out of the Ironic Punishment Division at Hell Labs. A glitch in the game will let you conjure a whole waa-waaa-waaarmy.The YouTube channel Master0fHyrule has a compilation of a glitch that arises with Isabelle’s Assist Trophy.

“If two Isabelles are on the stage at the same time and both try to use the fishing rod on an Assist Trophy, one of them will grab it and then automatically keep using the same Assist Trophy over and over spamming whatever is inside of it.”

Obviously as Waluigi stans (Wastans?), we’re most excited to see him conjured up like so many Mr. Meeseeks, but as the video shows you can do this with any character in the game. That has led to some amazing visuals from gamers fooling around with the glitch.

Two infinite versions of the same character enter, and only….oh…uh, we have no idea how that would work with infinite characters. Does anyone ever get to leave? Would that fight just sort of go on and on forever? Even with a never-ending parade of Waluigis that would get boring eventually.Turns out everyone was wrong when they said they wanted the game to have “all the Waligui.”

Featured Image: Mastter0fHyrule

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