This Best SUCCESSION Memes from the Season 2 Premiere

Succession is back, baby! HBO’s darkly comic drama focused on a power-hungry and extremely wealthy yet dysfunctional family who controls a media empire returned last night, and with it came many, many memes. Since Game of Thrones has left us a Sunday night show void, Succession has stepped up to fill that space, and the internet came to play. Without further ado, the best Succession memes of the week.

First of all, there were many memes celebrating the iconic Succession theme song. Side note, has anyone checked out the full score? It slaps.

People were so excited for Succession‘s return, they likened it to a…bear hug.

Others used screenshots from the previous season to illustrate their excitement.

For those who have seen the Season Two premiere, this out-of-context tweet will make a lot of sense:

Some called out this episode’s camera work:

Others took the time to pitch their own Succession episodes:

Finally, choose where you’re sitting and settle in for another season of backstabbing, exorbitant displays of wealth, Greg fumbling his way through social situations, and Gerri judging people:

Are you caught up on Succession? Who do you want to take control of Waystar Royco? Which character do you most identify with? Crank up that theme one more time and let us know!

Featured Image: HBO

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