Stylist Reveals ONE PIECE Inspiration for Jonathan Majors Photoshoot

Some jobs are truly the stuff of dreams, like selling ice cream in the Caribbean. But this job truly is the cream of the crop. Stylist Alexander-Julian Gibbson, an anime fan, had the pleasure of styling Jonathan Majors for his recent Ebony Magazine cover shoot. That alone is enough to make anyone deeply envious. However, Gibbson took it to another level by combining their styling genius with nerdiness and creating an anime-inspired look for Jonathan Majors, who rocks a pink coat that makes him look like One Piece’s Donquixote Doflamingo.

This is pure perfection and quite clever. Jonathan Majors is absolutely crushing the One Piece looks. How can we get him involved with the live-action anime coming to Netflix soon? Also, those boots are truly iconic. In addition to the pink coat, Gibbson drew anime inspiration for some of his other looks as well.

Also, no one can stop staring at Jonathan Majors in general. Just look at him.

split image of Jonathan Majors and Doflamingo from One piece with similar styles of pink feather coat
Ebony Magazine/Toei Animation

For more on the shoot, you can take a look at Ebony Magazine‘s behind-the-scenes video of the day.

Anyway, it is always fun to see nerdy things and fashion cross paths. Now, how can I get Jonathan Majors to cross my path? (I’m joking… sort of.)

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