Stuntmen Recreate Epic WITCHER and MANDALORIAN Fights

We may be hard-pressed to find ways to stay busy even when we’re not self-quarantined due to COVID-19. But for these professional stuntmen, keeping busy is no problem. When you’re used to jumping, tumbling, and fighting for a living, there are tons of creative ways to pass the time. Much like cosplayers who dress up to play tribute to their favorite characters, these stuntmen dressed up to play tribute to some recent pop culture hits by recreating epic fight scenes.

In the video above, you can watch the stuntmen–using aluminum-foil swords, pretend shields, and cardboard boxes as props–battle each other in a large studio space the credits identify as Atlanta Judo Midtown. In the words of the official YouTube description, “who doesn’t love swords, magic, and battle-ready socks?” Yes, there are added magic effects, including some slo-mo action, which makes this whole video even more epic than it already is. Even if you’re not familiar with The Witcher, the video is insanely fun to watch because the stuntmen are so good at what they do.

stuntmen doing a witcher fight scene

Micah Moore/YouTube

The stuntmen also paid tribute to The Mandalorian, the hit Disney+ series, using Star Wars outfits and props put together with the help of local cosplayers and propmakers. There’s no Witcher magic to be found here, but there is plenty of lightsaber action and use of “The Force” featuring the one and only Baby Yoda. Aside from the awesome choreography, the really cool part of this video is that the credits are also made to look like the end credits from the show, complete with theme music.

Both videos were filmed, edited, and directed by Micah Moore who, according to his YouTube channel, has created a number of short films and has teamed up with Riot Games and Autodeck for cosplay and convention content. According to the credits, the stuntmen in the video choreographed all the fights, which makes these videos even more impressive.

Now, can we get a stunt video like this for every major movie or tv show of 2019? The world needs it.

Featured Image: Micah Moore/YouTube

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