Stuntman Executes Video Game Special Moves in Real Life

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Pretty much anybody who’s ever played a fighting game has tried to duplicate some special moves on the living room carpet (or maybe  pantomimed a hadoken). Mostly, these attempts beg the statement, “Hey, just leave it to the professionals,” and that’s the end of such clumsiness.

Well, Eric Jabobus is one of the professionals. He’s a movie stuntman, a martial arts master, and an absolute Tekken fanatic. Throughout his YouTube channel, he’s precisely re-created the specials, counters, and even 10-hit-combos of assorted fighters from the fictitious King of Iron Fist Tournament roster. In this one video, he spins through a bevy of delirious drunken boxing techniques in mimicry of Tekken‘s Jackie Chan analog, Lei Wulong.

As a franchise, Tekken has always differentiated itself by being a bit more authentic to real life styles than competitors like Street Fighter. Yes, there are eye lasers and devil wings, but the fighters’ move-sets are still modeled off specific, regional styles like Vale Tudo, Baguazhang, and Russian Sambo. Hell, even Western boxers like Steve Fox  move more believably. See Jacobus demonstrate this contrast when he assumes the role of Devil Kazuya to beat the tar out of Street Fighter’s Evil Ryu in a one-on-one brawl.

If watching these clips has felt educational, then how about some deeper schooling? In under five minutes, Jacobus’ “Kicktionary” demonstrates 200 different kind of kicks (with some even named for game characters). Once you see him launch a flying kick over a ten-foot distance, then pull off the gravity-defying No Shadow Kick, you might re-consider how “impossible” these special moves are.

Not content with fighting games alone, Jacobus even puts the combat of Star Wars and Doom within grasp for mortal men. Watch him make light saber duels and FPS melee fights realer and think about whether it’s time to put that strategy guide aside to make room for a membership at the local dojo.

Most impressive? What other fighting games seem impressively realist? Sound off below.

Featured Image Credit: Eric Jabobus 

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