Adorable SPIRITED AWAY Jewelry Lands From RockLove and Studio Ghibli

Of the many incredibly and beautiful movies that Studio Ghibli has created, Spirited Away might be my favorite. I could wax poetic about its incredible soundtrack and gorgeous animation, created, of course, by Hayao Miyazaki, for hours. But what Spirited Away does truly effortlessly is offer viewers elements that are elegant and subtle and elements that are just absolutely adorable. And RockLove Jewelry’s latest collaboration with Studio Ghibli brings this winning Spirited Away combination to life.

RockLove Studio Ghibli Spirited Away Collection

The new Studio Ghibli jewelry collection from RockLove contains three excellent designs that capture the spirit of Spirited Away. The jewelry line features No Face, the Soot Sprites, and the dreamy Haku’s dragon form. (Haku is also known as the Nigihayami Kohakunushi.) If I had two choose three symbols of Spirited Away, these would absolutely live at the top of my list. After all, who could forget the endearing and lonely No Face, the cutest spirits ever, and the powerful yet vulnerable dragon?

Soot Sprite Rock Love Studio Ghibli Spirited Away Jewelry collection rings

Additionally, the three designs come in various forms for all your accessorizing needs. Mix and match them, or go fully decked out in your favorite, to bring Spirited Away to life all around you. The Studio Ghibli X RockLove Collection is now live for your shopping pleasure.

Check out a little bit more about each of these designs below, and take a look at all the excellent images of the collection below.

Studio Ghibli X RockLove Spirited Away Jewelry: No Face Ring and Necklace

According to the official site, “Handcrafted in nickel-free sterling silver and polished to a brilliant mirror shine, the spirit Kaonashi features black and lavender enamel details on this softly domed oval ring and pendant.  Ring is available in an array of sizes 5-11.”

Studio Ghibli X RockLove Spirited Away Jewelry: Soot Sprite Rings, Earrings, and Necklace

RockLove shares, “Handcrafted in nickel-free sterling silver float charming three-dimensional Soot Sprites coated in premium glossy black enamel, with large white enamel eyes.  The Susuwatari love star candy: around the Soot Sprites hover sculpted pink, yellow, and green star clusters set with glittering faceted cubic zirconia crystals.”

Studio Ghibli X RockLove Spirited Away Jewelry: Haku Necklace

The collection notes, “Handcrafted in nickel-free sterling silver, Nigihayami Kohakunushi is intricately sculpted in dragon form. Polished and antiqued to emphasize the incredible detail, the slender three-dimensional river spirit dragon suspends in a traditional overlapping knotwork pose with elegant trailing whiskers and flowing mane.”

These Spirited Away pieces range from $85-$150. Whichever you choose, you’ll carry with you the beauty of Studio Ghibli.

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