We Are In Love With These STUDIO GHIBLI Jackets

Studio Ghibli have been creating beautiful, fantastical films for over thirty years and over that time we’ve fallen in love with so many of the wonderful characters the studio have introduced us to.

Well, this year two fan favorite Ghibli films hit big anniversaries! The studio’s gorgeous retelling of The Little Mermaid, Ponyo turns ten and the iconic kids classic My Neighbor Totoro turns 30. To celebrate GBL Tokyo have designed two beautiful starter jackets based on the two beloved movies.

We Are In Love With These STUDIO GHIBLI Jackets_1
GBL Tokyo

Both jackets are works of art and have gorgeous detailed embroidery of ur fave characters. The Ponyo jacket has multiple little red haired Ponyo’s swimming down the sleeves, which is perfect as we all know that “We love all the Ponyos!” The back showcases Ponyo riding the oceans waves and is a must have for any fans of the magical little goldfish princess from the ocean who loves ham and Sôsuke!

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GBL Tokyp

The Totoro jacket focuses on the iconic Catbus and the sleeves are embroidered with creatures from the opening of My Neighbour Totoro. The back is all about the Catbus which if you look closely has a little Totoro riding inside!! There’s no better way to showcase your love for this classic animation than rocking this uber stylish and super cute jacket!

We Are In Love With These STUDIO GHIBLI Jackets_3
GBL Tokyo

The collection isn’t available yet but keep your eyes on the store as they’ll likely sell out pretty fast. They aren’t cheap and will run you around 29800yen which translates to about $270, but if you’re looking for a luxurious treat then how can you say no to these lovely souvenir starter jackets!

Will you be grabbing one of these gorgeous commemorative coats? Just really love Ghibli movies? Let us know below!

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