STREET FIGHTER II Cosplayers Put on an Amazing Show at World Cosplay Summit

For the better part of three decades, the characters in Street Fighter II have captured the imaginations of fans around the world, inspiring some of the best cosplay at large. During the recent World Cosplay Summit in Nagoya, the Banana Cospboys, Luis and Lalo, and took home the top prize for Team Mexico thanks to an astounding live-performance as Street Fighter II‘s Dhalsim and Chun Li.

Via Kotaku, the Banana Cospboys’ presentation was more than just an accurate recreation of their characters’ costumes. They put on a stage fight that showed off their athletic ability while recreating several memorable moments from the classic arcade game.

Fans of the original arcade game will probably recognize the music used throughout the Banana Cospboys’ presentation, including the character select screen. The Dhalsim performer also demonstrated his flexibility, but it was the choreography and the athleticism that helped set this presentation apart. Together, they found ways to recapture the sensation of the game while safely recreating fake fireballs and power moves. Amusingly, they even took the time to parody the bonus stage as both players destroyed a fake car before resuming their battle.

Thanks to this stellar performance, Team Mexico walked away from the WCS with several prizes including 1st place overall.

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Image: Capcom

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