STREET FIGHTER Cosplayers Get Transported into the Actual Game!

When you think of the phrase “fighting game,” a few images should pop into your head. Some of you might see Scorpion or Sub-Zero. Others might even see Batman or Superman. But one image that pops into almost all gamers’ heads when the phrase is uttered is  Ryu. It makes sense since Street Fighter is the standard bearer for the genre. It’s a mainstream phenomenon, spawning anime and (less great) live-action movies, and even crossover games with the likes of Marvel.

As such, Street Fighter has inspired many the cosplayer. Back in May, a video was published of two fans dressed as Ryu and E. Honda engaging in a battle as if Street Fighter was real.

This video is great by itself (although someone really needs to teach the person taking the video the dangers of vertical videography), but Reddit user Scaulbylausis found something that makes it even better.

Guy turns a Street Fighter cosplay performance into an actual game battle from r/gaming

Some awesome person decided to take the footage of the epic cosplay and insert it into the actual game. The results are nothing short of amazing. After battling each other, Ryu and E. Honda must pool their resources against the might of M. Bison. With the live-action footage mixed into the animation, this gives us a better idea what an old school Street Fighter vs. Mortal Kombat game might have looked like. Whether this is good or bad has yet to be decided.

So what do you think? Are there other Street Fighter characters deserving of this treatment? Let us know on Facebook or in the comments below!

Image: Capcom

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